For both the flight school and the student, aircraft selection is integral to the success of flight training. This is why Airwest proudly uses the Enstrom F28F Falcon as their primary training aircraft. The F28F is robust, reliable, and ready to perform virtually any mission and it has the capacity to meet the demands placed upon it by flight instruction.

With one of the best safety records of any light helicopter available, the F28F allows for ample shoulder and leg room for both the pilot and passengers due to its wide, roomy cabin and reclined ergonomics. In addition to the relaxed interior, Enstrom has added several safety and comfort features that further enhance your flying experience including fully adjustable venting, thick padded seats, shock-absorbing landings skids, and a fully articulated rotor system.  All of these features ensure that in-flight and landing conditions are as comfortable as possible. One flight in an F-28F will show you the difference that sets it apart from the competition.

“With its unequaled performance, exceptional stability, and excellent safety record, you get more than just a trainer with the F-28F” 

Jerry MullinsEnstrom President & CEO

The 4th in a successful line of F-28 models, the F-28F Falcon, is the workhorse of Enstrom’s piston line.  A 61 inch wide cabin provides comfortable seating for three people and features large, wide-opening doors. With the feel and the flight characteristics of a much larger helicopter, the F-28F is both inspiring and fun to fly. The three-bladed fully articulated system provides excellent stability and allows the pilot to operate the aircraft above and beyond the performance envelopes of other comparable training helicopters, without the worrying about the aerodynamic issues associated with a two-bladed system (i.e. – Low g maneuvers and mast bumping). Enstrom has done an excellent job in designing the F-28F’s control system to operate with the fewest components as possible, negating the need for heavy, cumbersome hydraulic systems to aid the pilot during flight. The helicopter’s cyclic top controlled trim system is responsive and easy to use. The collective is also balanced and positioned in such a manner to allow for worry-free, stable operation in almost any condition. Both the cyclic and collective have a firm, authoritative feel, which drastically reduces pilot workload – A major plus when learning the complexities of helicopter flight.

F28F Specifications

  • Weights – Enstrom F28F
  • Gross Weight – 2,600 lbs
  • Empty Weight – 1,640 lbs
  • Useful Payload – 960 lbs
  • Fuel – 40 U.S. Gallons
  • Optional Auxiliary Fuel – 13 U.S. Gallons
  • Available Payload for Passengers/baggage w/std. fuel – 720 lbs
  • Powerplant – Lycoming IO 360 F1AD, 4cyl, Turbocharged 225 hp
  • Performance – Enstrom F28F
  • Maximum Airspeed (Vne) – 112 mph
  • Cruise Airspeed – 102 mph
  • Maximum Range (No Reserve) – 263 st. mi.
  • Maximum Range (w/Aux Fuel) – 350 st. mi.
  • Average Fuel Consumption – 14.7 gallons per hour
  • Rate of Climb at Sea Level – 1,450 ft/min
  • Maximum Operating Altitude – 12,000 ft with full turbo
  • Hover Ceiling, In Ground Effect (IGE) – 13,200 ft
  • Hover Ceiling, Out of Ground Effect (OGE) – 8,700 ft
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