Airwest is located at the Glendale Municipal Airport (KGEU).  Part of the Phoenix Metropolitan area, students will be exposed to a variety of experiences including: hot and high operations, towered airports, complex airspace, uncontrolled airports/airspace, instrument procedures, mountain flying up to 8300ft, and off-airport landing operations that are all within 20 minutes of our facility.  Glendale offers students everything they would need in a training environment including more sun-filled days than just about anywhere else in the U.S.  Already a favored location for fixed-wing training, Glendale is a great location to train, live, and visit.

Glendale offers students an entertaining lifestyle outside of flight school as well.  Glendale has received a lot of notice from the public eye recently when the city hosted the Super Bowl.  Glendale and the surrounding Phoenix Metropolitan have everything a city could offer.  Whether it’s social, entertainment, outdoor recreation, sporting events, great restaurants, or just enjoying the beautiful weather, Phoenix/Glendale has it all.

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