Airwest Aviation Academy seeks to set a higher standard for helicopter instruction by being committed to developing students in a professional and efficient learning environment.  Airwest believes that this is achieved through close one-on-one interaction between the instructor and student, dedicated development of our staff through a continual learning process, and a philosophy of integrity and open-door management.

“AAA instructors teach real world situations and prepare you to handle them safely and efficiently.”

Phillip GriggCommercial Student

Years of experience as a commercial operator have allowed Airwest to become one of the few flight schools that can truly offer “real world” flight training. Drawing from the techniques that are used in the field, Airwest students gain a distinct advantage over the competition by performing maneuvers as they would performed by a professional pilot. This approach to flight instruction enables the student to easily transition the gap that so often exists between what the student learns in training and what is truly encountered once they fly as a commercial helicopter pilot.

All Airwest instructors and staff are committed to delivering first-rate instruction and support in a positive learning environment. Quality instruction leads to quality pilots, which in turn leads to a quality reputation within the industry. This is what Airwest is about.

At Airwest, our training syllabus is derived from years of flying missions such as: Charter, Precision Long-line, Fire Fighting, Film, Emergency Medical Services, Aerial Photography, and many others.  Our lessons learned, are handed down from instructor to student.  In addition, students will be able take a behind the scenes look into what it is like to be a professional pilot and the preparation required to successfully complete missions.

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